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Business Cloud Phone System

When business calls, you’re ready.

Do most of your business on the phone?

Get unlimited standard local and national calls and an allowance to make calls to 1300 numbers and more with our Business Voice Plan.

Dedicated Account Manager

Discuss your business goals with our business advisory team at Xpert Telco

Cloud BPX

PBX Phone System that Can be programmed through the web to organise the calls within your business.


Supports distributed workforces, remote working and everything between.

Multiple Handset Options

Multiple Call Answering Handset Option like Softphones, Desk Phones, Desktop.

Phone Systems for every business:

Are you setting up a commercial operation or perhaps on your way to expanding your current business? Remember to match technology with your needs.

Having a reliable quality business phone system is key to success.

You Should also consider future business growth to ensure that your chosen technology can sustain your business.

If you’re looking for the best telephone systems that offer value for money while packing in the best ideas technology can offer, Xpert Telco is Here to help.

What are The Benefits?

  1. Save Money on bills.

  2. Grow your business with ease.

  3. Decrease money Spent on Maintenance costs.

  4. Enhance your calling system and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features You Will Love :


Never miss a call with the ability for callers to leave you a voicemail on your personally recording voicemail boxes for all users.

Voicemail to Email

For those on the run, receive your voicemails as an attachment in your email. Great for those on the road.

Hunt Group

Create calling groups for calls to bounce around or call a group of different users to ensure calls are always answered.

Music on Hold

Prevent your callers from hanging up the phone by keeping them engaged while waiting to speak with the other person on the other line.

Company Greetings

Create customisable messages to be played to your callers when calling into your business or whilst they’re on hold—a great way to announce any promotional content to your callers.​

Call Recording

Record and store call for later retrieval and review.

Automated Attendent

Route calls to the appropriate destination by giving your callers the option to press the number of the group they wish to contact.

Call Forwarding Rules

Forward calls to alternative destinations.

Unified Communications

Mobile Apps

Access your phone features through apps on your ios or android device. Make calls using mobile data or wifi. Your outgoing caller ID will still be shown as your office number. Great for a traveller.


Turn your computer/laptop into your phone.
By incorporating a USB/Wireless headset.

Internal Messaging

Search colleagues' user status and easily chat and share files with other colleagues is a great way to stay connected and collaborate with your office network.


Calls can ring on your handset and mobile phone at the same time. Great for mobile staff to stay connected to their office calls without the need of advertising a mobile number.


$35 per month
  • Unlimited Local & National Standard Calls
  • Unlimited Mobile Calls
  • Digital Business Handset 
  • Local Australian Support 
  • Dedicated Account Manager